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Monday, May 13, 2013

Rally... Mother Approves!

Following the aftermath of 13th General election of my beloved country I found people around me from all walks of life who are usually "timid" getting up and showing up at rallies. 

A new dawn has arrived and history has shown those who stood against the titanic wheel of time will get crushed and written off in bad light. What will the world's longest surviving coalition (Barisan Nasional) do in the next few years will be most interesting now that people is openly demanding a better and more transparent government.

Mum said I gotta be back by 12!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KREO Transformers 02 - Leadership

If you were the generation who grew up with the 'Saturday morning cartoons', you will know who then was the baddest robot who ever graced the television -- Megatron. So just what was his secret of doing so all these years? We now take a look on at Megatron's modus operandi.

KREO Transformers 01 - The Transformers Jokes

Few months ago I got a buzz from my editor telling me there is a new short term offer to feature KREO transformers instead of the  run-the-mill Brick Gamers. After a few back and forth about the pros and cons it was agreed I will do a few strips for them .... so enter the transformers!

Now a lot of you LEGO fans/users might be wondering how is KREO's bricks compared to our beloved LEGO's, well I have been building and shooting using KREO's bricks and I gotta tell they are on par in terms of feel, texture and quality.

Last but not least... both brands' bricks are compatible, meaning you can mix them up and build! KREO has some variety of their own unique bricks which opens up new building possibilities for you builders out there... if you are not a 'purist' so to speak.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We have a Hulk... wait, do we?

Yes... the Avengers movie is awesome; and no, as of this moment I am typing this I am unaware of any 6868 Hulk's™ Helicarrier Breakout release in my area. So no Hulk for the moment.

Now, any long term fans of my work ( which at this very moment I doubt any exists, given my off and on status of being hiatus) will notice for the first time I am cheating... yes. cheating on the comic background. On the record this this the first time I used blurred movie images instead of LEGO constructs for this comic and for this feat alone I can tell you a lot of background stories.

You see, there comes a time when a dude have to admit there is just not enough time to fulfilled all his aspirations in life. Look at the plot in this comic: it came to me in like 5 seconds after I saw the LEGO release, personally I believe it is a simple yet enough funny plot worthy to be shared, but will I spent the effort of finding the time, the energy, the resource to build Tony Stark's office because of this plot? No sir that just won't happen... unless I have Tony Stark's kinda resources at my disposal.

But then stuck between wasting my plot, my newly purchased avengers figures and the harsh reality that I am already feeling like biting more than I could chew in life what is a dude to do? We cheat... by compromised with the resource we can muster versus the results we wan to achieve, well I guess that is life.

But then again we WILL have a (LEGO) hulk... on that I can assured you, on that there is no compromise.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have a wish to have a wish

Besieged by problems in our daily life, it is only natural sometimes we look for a magic button to solve our mundane yet seemingly relentless daily grinding. The fabled genie in a lamp fits this scenario perfectly, simply by rubbing a lamp you get yourself a mythical servant who would -- if you do it smartly, solve your primary problems for the rest of your life, who is not to like?

Check out the last frame as our hero grins in his seemingly moment before ascension, surely all of us wish we were there one time?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When is Your Birthday Again?

I have a friend whose birthday fell on an ... interesting date. Working in a field which gets to know a lot of people, jokes and youthful shenanigans can get out of hand when it comes to his annual celebration of surviving another trip rotating around the sun. Being a guy who likes to maintain his image of a dude who is made of sterner stuff, he blunders some strong words on social media. As a friend one can only oblige.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poor Man's air con since the beginning

The hot evening or afternoon when one opens the fridge door and in a small instance... experience the pure joy of cool air relieve. Be warned though prolong period of open fridge door is bad news for the food inside. Credit of the fridge design goes to the talented flickr user nolnet.

Again in Bahasa, always loved short and sweet comic strips, so easy to translate and keep to the spirit.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun with Rumour before language

Some time ago a friend suggested I should try doing more comic strips without dialogs, for such comics has a universal appeal that is timeless, a quality that resonates well with LEGO; what better scenario to start such series than Stone Age -- a time before proper language?

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