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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Defend from Who? At What Cost?

Just recently our dearest PM declared "We must defend Putrajaya at all cost" as a rallying cry for party members at the 61st Umno general assembly in a speech which hinted general election is around the corner.

Frankly, as a citizen of the nation personally I found his statements quite frankly inappropriate in multiple accounts. First, a defend stance would indicate one is under attack, a general election is hardly an "attack" or "war" to begin with. Second, the saying of "at all cost" would have most wondering how far will the current administration go to ensure a victory. What if the cost involves degradation of moral values or breach of conduct?

There is a general sense from the public point of view the current ruling regime has been in power for far too long and it seems half a century of ruling have since rendered a certain group of people to believe the rights in power to govern this country is a kind of "ownership" instead of "stewardship". That itself in my humble oppinion, is the first step towards down fall.

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