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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Copenhagen Accord = Kyoto Protocol 2.0?

Sad to say, the recent Copenhagen Accord is no different from the Kyoto Protocol made 13 years ago, which entered into effect 5 years ago, designed to solve the same problem of global warming which will result in climate change. This has yet to be solved thanks to humanity's selfish behaviour which will only end up destroying themselves ultimately. Well, maybe robots might take over!

The Protocol ends in 2012, where the new Accord is designed to take over, but whether this will affect any change remains to be seen, as Kyoto was a failure with the biggest source of global warming being the United States and this same country refused to be part of the Protocol:

Hopefully now with Obama @ the helm and this time US is a part of the new Accord, come 2012 when the Protocol expires, the new Accord with US involved will make our world for the better.

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