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Thursday, May 10, 2012

We have a Hulk... wait, do we?

Yes... the Avengers movie is awesome; and no, as of this moment I am typing this I am unaware of any 6868 Hulk's™ Helicarrier Breakout release in my area. So no Hulk for the moment.

Now, any long term fans of my work ( which at this very moment I doubt any exists, given my off and on status of being hiatus) will notice for the first time I am cheating... yes. cheating on the comic background. On the record this this the first time I used blurred movie images instead of LEGO constructs for this comic and for this feat alone I can tell you a lot of background stories.

You see, there comes a time when a dude have to admit there is just not enough time to fulfilled all his aspirations in life. Look at the plot in this comic: it came to me in like 5 seconds after I saw the LEGO release, personally I believe it is a simple yet enough funny plot worthy to be shared, but will I spent the effort of finding the time, the energy, the resource to build Tony Stark's office because of this plot? No sir that just won't happen... unless I have Tony Stark's kinda resources at my disposal.

But then stuck between wasting my plot, my newly purchased avengers figures and the harsh reality that I am already feeling like biting more than I could chew in life what is a dude to do? We cheat... by compromised with the resource we can muster versus the results we wan to achieve, well I guess that is life.

But then again we WILL have a (LEGO) hulk... on that I can assured you, on that there is no compromise.

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