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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Ever Creeping Raise

Up 200%! A RapidKL bus ride which last time cost RM2 for a day pass can go up to RM3 per trip; So back and forth what was once costing RM2 can be now RM6. And what do the extra payment get for the users? Same overworked driver who now must work more on asking where people are going when they board the ride, argue with commuters about exact change policy (Fare cost Rm1.90... what you only have RM2? Too bad no 10 cent return). Pray you take the bus enough to justify the monthly pass.

Other conventional bus ride typically increased in fare for about 100% on long distances. By paying more and getting the same stuff one cant help but feel less optimistic about the future.

But then of course all this would not been an issue if a typical employee has his/her salary jack up 200% from time to time would it?

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