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Friday, January 15, 2010

Neutral Reports


Anonymous said...

Because that what Propaganda exactly do..

Our country Main Stream Media credibility is so bad.. Our news revelent is equal level to "Fox News" in USA.. or the even China International New channel CCTV9..

But what choice they can do.. If they post news the Gov hates.. then poof media license lost.. Then stockholders comes in demanding answers. Just because a coin just drop from their wallet.

So.. That how the Govt already manipulate the Media. like RPK said.. MSM(Main Stream Media) is profit driven, So Govt place a short lease on them so anything they view offensive and baam their profit margin sinks.

Tan Sri said...

MSM has been hijacked by modern govt as a method to control people.

basically the watchers that were supposed to be doing their job slowly got boiled alive until it was too late to escape the pot.

so it's up to people to be the new heroes, for the heroes have fallen.

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