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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rich get huge traffic fines, Some justice at last

It is noted EUROPEAN countries are increasingly pegging speeding fines to income as a way to punish wealthy scofflaws who would otherwise ignore tickets. How many times have we heard stories of arrogant rich people asking a fine up front when caught speeding by traffic officers? Well then, we can safely bet a maximum fine of 16 million dollar would surely to put those freaking rich trail blazers back to the normal speed track.

Read more in Rich get huge traffic fines.


Anonymous said...

So how to they measure the wealth level of the invidual??

Does the cops runs a ID check on the driver..

How can we tell wether the individual is had cheated in his income taxes..

smeagol said...

i guess they check your IC and then it connects with your tax info maybe? but dunno if they cheat with taxes it works or not...

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