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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Best of Free Promotion

Boo-Yeah! From the makers of Bolehland comes another self foot-shooting incident of helping discontent voices making their point. First we have Cartoonist Zunar arrested, new book seized,
and book launch a hit despite author's arrest.


Anonymous said...

They just arrest Zunar becos Govt want to think they sending out a message to him and reader to stop distributing/reading his comics or Police will whoop ur arses.

Well in the nutshell.. Someone on top doesnt like the comics being distributed to public. So call da cops to sieze distribution..

Yeah u can say it prove Zunar point but well who holding the baton..

GirlMalaysia said...

Same thing happened with the May 13 book. After it was banned, people started looking high & low, into every nook and cranny to get a copy.

You'd think that the gov would realise that by trying to cover their shit, people get excited to dig up the dirt.

If I wanted my publication to be a bestseller, get arrested or get it banned, I say. It's good publicity. People might buy it just to spite the gov.

Anonymous said...

congrat you hit on the controvesy generates sales..!!

Even in a nation of freed speech.. USA. Any entertainment that acquire controversy in the long run gets people curious to buy the product.

Look at Grand Theft Auto San Andres.. When the moment it start getting law suit here and there.. the game became a big seller..

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