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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beyonce, Moral, Parliament

On the news of Beyonce’s concert postponed, one thing link to another but in the grand scheme of things one can't help but look at it with a sarcastic stance...


Anonymous said...

I guess people has forgot.. That you can have extreme violence, foul language, drug abuse, and etc.. in entertainment..

But when a couple of Boobs bounce,dangle or shown... Everybody complain.. They cry immoral, indecent and etc etc.

Everyone is just being a hypocrite..

As for us.. Mr Pus just bitches on every foreign musician that comes to this country.

Remember we are not living in Moolaysia.. We are living in Mordor... A nation under 1Malaysia.. to rule them all.. And Sauron is not a man of principles..

kev said...


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