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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Malaysian Circus Association

To those of you who are not Malaysian or have no idea what the strip is all about here is the run down: A large political party in Malaysia recently has a dispute between its chairman and its deputy.

To cut a long story short; chairman fires deputy, deputy fights back. They held an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to let the party delegates decide their fate because... this is suppose to be a democratic party, so to speak.

Turns out shockingly if they accept the voting result both of them will be out of power, however that pales in comparison as on the next day both men shook hands on uneasy truce, called it a day and turned their backs on the EGM result.

All the promises and talks they mentioned about "their fate on the hands of delegates", "uphold the party ruling", "in the party's best interest" before the voting all gone with the wind.

So much for democracy.


Anonymous said...

Here the rundown..

No Confidence on Chairmen.. Passed
Deputy suspension... fail
Deputy position restore... fail

Then a micracle come in.. No not the kind that turn water to wine.....

A old man with his young red coat teenager sidekick uses a modified De Lorean travel back to before the incident even happend .. and prevent it..

So what you are actually witnessing is nothing more than a sort of time phase.. Eventually you just wonder was it for real.. Eventually you just shrug it off as a deja vu..

Why they havent solve other issue.. well i also dont know.. maybe they know something better than i do

MrFantastik said...

there is no democracy in malaysia.

Anonymous said...

There was never democracy to begin with.. Have you forgot this is dictatorship.

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